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Care Coordinator
Title:Care Coordinator

Care Coordinator - Birmingham, Alabama

Do you want to be part of a company that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry? Do you want to be part of a team that lives its core values and promotes a culture of empowerment? Do you want to take ownership of your work and be part of an organization that positively impacts patients, employees, and communities? Are you eager to utilize new technology to optimize and improve how we deliver health care to our patients?

Our approach is to re-imagine every step in the process of providing quality care. We started with brick-and-mortar clinics utilizing an innovative model in the urgent care space. Now, it's time to keep going by revolutionizing the way people in rural and urban communities receive care. Online care coordination, subscription cash pay pricing, telemedicine, direct primary care, patient portals – you name it, we are working on it.

As a Care Coordinator, you will have the opportunity to work on a small team that is supporting our frontline staff as we implement primary care services to our patients all across Alabama. At first, we will follow a traditional primary care workflow, however, our goal will be to transition to an online system that will allow easier and more effective practice and patient management.
We need someone who is ready to do it all – referrals, prior authorizations, and processing laboratory results. While general administrative tasks will be a part of your daily duties, we need you to be the face of patient care, including assisting with accessing the patient portal or navigating the website.

We see primary care as a team effort. Between our providers, our medical assistants, our patients, and our care coordinators, we plan to deliver better health and better healthcare to our communities. Are you ready to rock? Let’s do this. Boom!


  • Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm


  • You will be working out of our corporate office in downtown Birmingham
  • $13-$15/hour, depending on experience


  • Prior Medical Office Experience is preferred
  • Prior experience making referrals, requesting medical records, handling pre-certs, and completing general administrative tasks is preferred (sending emails, answering phones, sending faxes)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Ability to navigate software platforms, including online portals and EMRs
  • Polite and professional demeanor; experience dealing with patients and other office administrators on the phone


What About You?

    1. You are the BOMB!
      Just making sure you got that :)
    2. High Energy!
      Fan of punch lists? Does anything satisfy you more than crossing something off your list? Referral? Done! Pre-cert? Done! Reschedule? Done! Done! Done! BOOM!!! Happy patients, happy providers and a happy you.
    3. Organized
      If you’re not organized, this position isn’t for you.
      If you enjoy having many irons in the fire at one time and thrive on managing/prioritizing them and your time effectively, you’ll do well!
    4. Skilled Communicator
      You communicate well with others over the phone and never come off as rude. You can write a message to a patient or provider that has correct grammar and spelling.
    1. Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit
      If you’re just looking to earn a paycheck, this job isn’t for you.
      If you’re ready to take ownership of your position and have a burning desire to change healthcare and put in the hours it takes to successfully create a new way to deliver care, you’ll thrive. Everyone at this company thinks of the patients as OUR patients. You take ownership of your job.
    2. Problem Solver
      You have the critical thinking skills that help you navigate things you have never done. You are not afraid to call an office and ask exactly what they need for a mammogram referral. You have no problem calling or messaging a patient to make sure they know what needs to be filled out before an appointment can be made. You take notes for yourself to know what to do next time or what has already been done.
    1. Relationship Building
      If you’re shy and/or don’t love people, this job isn’t for you.
      If you enjoy turning strangers into friends, creating and fostering relationships, talking with people (Nurse Practitioners, Doctors, MAs, Patients, etc.), and being a part of a team, you’ll excel.
    2. Ironclad Ethics
      If you don’t have an “always do the right thing” mentality, then our company is not for you.



This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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