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Digital Marketing Manager
Title:Digital Marketing Manager


MainStreet Family Care is on a tear!  We will more than double in size from our current footprint of almost 30 clinics to 50+ clinics by 2023 and to 100+ clinics by 2025.    We have two awesome brands, ready for you to take to the next level:



This is a technical role for someone that truly loves the mechanics and magic of digital marketing, who obsesses about Google, and is also interested in learning and mastering other digital marketing elements.  While we are located in Birmingham, AL, this role can be 95% remote; with the occasional team get together. The role reports directly to the CMO.

Google Jedi Master

At your core, you are a Google Jedi master. Organic, Paid, Analytics, Data.

  • Organic:  Your foundation is built on SEO mastery. You manage and execute the keyword strategy, on page and off page optimization, directory listings, and are responsible for maintaining our dominance.  You know everything about local and map search and manage and optimize accordingly. You are a local 3 pack guru.  Desktop, mobile, voice search…no problem.
  • GMB: You manage and optimize our GMB account, coordinating with the team for any content needed. You know how to use structured data to boost visibility and how it works in context of our GMB account and stay on top of Google’s ever-changing features and dynamics around GMB accounts. 
  • Paid:  You setup, execute, monitor, and optimize our paid campaigns. Search, display, re-marketing, map, sponsored, you get the idea. Others provide the creative and content as needed; and you keep the campaigns on track.    You have no problem getting ads served on the local 3 pack results.  You are a Tag Manager Maven.  You have a deep understanding of all the configurations and options for all forms of paid Google campaigns. You stay up to date b/c you love this stuff! Geotargeting, geofencing; demos, ad settings of all sorts; heck Google calls you to see if those are working right.  
  • Reporting: You manage and optimize all our digital marketing analytics, reporting, all platforms.  Google Data Studio has features named after you.

Rocking The Rest

This role is the heartbeat of our digital marketing infrastructure, marketing technical infrastructure, and digital marketing architecture.  The following are things you would be responsible for.  It is great if you already know how to do all the things below, but that is not a requirement. What is needed is a willingness, ability, and interesting in mastering the aspects of the following that are important in our context.

Our Websites

  • You own our two customer facing websites and the supporting infrastructure. You work with the team to make sure the flow, layout, and content of the website is smooth and polished. 
  • While others on the team create content and designs as needed, you make sure we are optimized for SEO and stay that way. You let us know what we need and push us to get it to you. Hitting our keyword and search targets are ultimately your responsibility (as part of being the Google Jedi Master), and of course the website, its structure and its context are key. 
  • You keep our website speed and performance on point and monitor the website status, taking action as needed.  Hosting, security, performance, uptime, and cost are all things you are rocking.  Site speed and performance is like a Formula 1 race car.


  • You setup up the mechanics, architecture, and programming of multi email, multi path dynamic email campaigns; Content and Designs are provided by others;
  • You setup and master the reporting needed.
  • You tie the email platform and campaigns across marketing channels and platforms.
  • You manage and maintain the database, adding tags and sorting lists to ensure we can send targeted emails to specific groups.


  • Re-marketing campaigns require complex technical connections between Facebook, Google, our Website, our Email platform, and our texting platform.
  • You got that.  


  • This role will be the marketing report Czar.
  •  You tie all our platforms together and create reports that rock.


  • Digital marketing automation, and automation platforms.
  • You know how to work smarter not harder by automating as much as possible across all platforms.  

If You Look in the Mirror, You May Look Like This...

  • Designed and launched over 50 SEM campaigns, some with budgets of over $100K/month.
  • Planned, launched, and evaluated dozens, if not hundreds of Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest campaigns.
  • Google certified in pretty much everything available and you can’t wait to update expiring certifications (e.g., Search, Mobile, Video, Analytics, etc.).
  • Successfully launching highly targeted Facebook campaigns, mastering when to use custom audiences, look alike audiences, and event-based targeting campaigns are thing you think about in the shower.
  • A wide variety of experiences that may include projects like full funnel conversion tracking and optimization, landing page creation and optimization testing, website UI/UX audits, email flow set-up and optimization, A/B testing, data analysis and dashboard set-up, or re-marketing campaigns based on site/ad/app engagement. YEEEEEESSSSS!!!!

Bottom line:  You are the expert your employer or the agency calls on to design and execute all their digital marketing work.  Boom!


This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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