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Director of Real Estate Development
Title:Director of Real Estate Development

Director of New Clinic Development

Do you love development? Do you love challenges?  Do you love finding a forgotten corner of a parking lot and turning it into something?  Does a site with an old UST make you think opportunity?  Do you see opportunity for sites everywhere you go?  Do you love to go above and beyond for yourself, your team, and your company? Is your determination and drive legendary?

Yes?  Boom. Read on.

About MainStreet Family Care   and

MainStreet currently owns and operates 22 clinics with more under construction. We are in a rapid growth phase -- adding 15 or more clinics per year throughout the Southeast for at least the next 5 years.   

We are looking for someone to manage our new clinic development efforts.

The Job

Clinic development - soup to nuts. You identify sites, negotiate to get them under contract, lead the site due diligence efforts.  You manage the design and development process. You manage contract negotiation with the contractors and manage the construction process guaranteeing on-time, on-budget delivery.  We have never been a day late or a penny over budget.  We have a small team that sets up and opens new clinics and they will report to you. 

We also have a lot of existing clinics that have special project needs (such as adding parking) and facility issues that the Operations team needs advice on. You are part of these solutions and will lead special projects like creating a new parking lot.

Key to Success

A key aspect of your job will be unrelenting determination and drive. Putting together site deals and finding ways to met budget requires enormous drive, perseverance, persistence, grit, energy, and creativity: Things you bring in cargo ship quantities.

About You

Because you rock, you can succeed at lots of stuff!! You think of yourself as the end of the line. When there’s a new or unexpected opportunity or problem, you find a way to take advantage of it. We are a fast-growing, fun company with lots of opportunity, and with that comes the need for everyone to put on any hat at any time. You look forward to handling an infinite variety of challenges, and no task is too big or too small for you.

  • You need to be the BOMB!
  • You must be tireless, relentless, and driven. You take pride in your persistence.
  • You are resilient. Nothing is but a momentary setback before your big win.
  • You are very creative. You can find solutions to any problem.
  • You think about development opportunities in the shower; while on vacation, you get distracted looking at sites that might be a fit.  In your spare time you could be a Civil Engineer.
  • You have enviable emotional intelligence that can handle any interpersonal conflict or challenge that may come your way. You have a way of communicating with people that makes them feel comfortable and inspired. You love people.
  • You need to be resourceful. You have never seen an obstacle you could not get over or a problem you could not solve. You get things done. Period.  Yes, this is like the bullet a few points above. We too are persistent.
  • You are ultra-organized.
  • You love to set up systems and then improve them.
  • You believe in checklists and standardization.
  • You need to be good to go with the fact that we are open 7 days a week for extended hours. Your clinics are being built 7 days a week. All this means that questions and issues can come up during the weekends and after normal business hours. You will be accessible to address issues whenever they arise.
  • You are good with traveling to prospective sites and to the sites you are developing on a regular basis. You are boots on the ground, at your clinics before they open and when they open.

About Your Background

Many backgrounds could be a fit.  You are some of everything below. If you are a Unicorn, please fly directly to our office to be hired on the spot.

  • You are a developer
  • You are an engineer
  • You are an architect
  • You are a contractor
  • You are an owner’s rep
  • You wrote books on project management

Qualities That Make You an AWESOME fit at MainStreet

1. Highly Flexible

Life at MainStreet is ever-changing! You must be someone who can “roll with the punches” and whose lifestyle allows you to work a somewhat irregular schedule. You not only can handle a fast-paced, regularly changing environment, but you thrive in one.

2. Time Management
You must be able to manage your time wisely and be willing to put in as many hours per week as needed. This is not a job for someone who simply wants to punch a time clock and earn a paycheck. It is a job for someone who wants to own the opportunity, change lives, and kick butt.

3. Self-Starter
If you need someone continually telling you what to do, this position isn’t for you.

If you need the threat of someone checking your work behind you to do a good job, this position isn’t for you. If, after completing training and reviewing a plan, you’re the type of person who can run with it and find new and even better ways of doing things on your own, you’ll thrive.

4. Organized
If you’re not organized, this position isn’t for you.
If you enjoy having many irons in the fire at once and thrive on managing them and your time effectively, you’ll do well!

5. Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit
If you’re ready to take ownership in the company, have a burning desire to grow the business and are willing to put in the hours it takes to successfully grow the number of clinics, you’ll thrive. This often means working on things at home, working evenings and Saturdays, and working more than a traditional “40 hours per week.”

6. Relationship Building
If you’re shy and/or don’t love people, this job isn’t for you. If you enjoy turning strangers into friends, growing and fostering relationships, inspiring growth in fellow employees, you’ll excel.

7. Problem Solving
If handling day-to-day issues stresses you out, this job is not for you. If anticipating and identifying problems and finding solutions are your strengths, you’ll thrive.

8. Iron Clad Ethics
If you don’t have a “do the right thing, every time, all the time”
mentality then our company is not for you.







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