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Title:Area Manager

About Us
MainStreet is a company on a roll! We built and opened sixteen Urgent Care clinics throughout Alabama in just 28 months. Most of our clinics are rural-based clinics, but we also have a brand of pediatric urgent cares in suburban / urban settings. We are building more Alabama locations and are expanding into Georgia.

We are planning for our Georgia clinics and would like to train and prepare someone to successfully manage clinics in southern Georgia once they open. In order to give adequate experience and training, our ideal candidate would function as a manager for 2-3 existing locations in Alabama for a period of 3-6 months. This experience would serve as a bridge to functioning in the same role in southern Georgia once those clinic locations are in operation.

We are looking for someone with store or unit level management expertise, preferably experience with multiple locations. If you have been an assistant manager or store manager for a single location for a big-box company like Target, that fits great too! Management experience at restaurants, retail stores, and/or clinics/healthcare companies is desired. Or, if you have Healthcare management experience. However, healthcare/clinic experience is valuable and appreciated, it is not required.

Success in this role would position the candidate for additional growth and increased leadership opportunities within the organization. Our ideal candidate would be willing to work and excel temporarily (3 to 6 months) in an Alabama area before beginning their southern Georgia responsibility.  If you already live in South GA, this would mean spending 3 to 6 months in Alabama.  If you live in Alabama, this would mean working 3 to 6 months somewhere in Alabama before relocating to south GA. In sum, temporary relocation to South AL will be for 3-6 months. Permanent relocation to South GA (Thomasville/Bainbridge area) is required after the 3-6 Alabama relocation period.

The Job
We are growing fast, so lots of upside! Do you have what it takes to lead your clinics to success?


  • We are looking for someone to manage multiple clinics.
    • You will start with several of our existing Alabama clinics and then relocate to south Georgia later in the year.
  • Clinics are open seven days a week and extended hours. You will need to be prepared and available as needed to promote the success of your clinics anytime they are open. Traveling from clinic to clinic and spending significant time at each clinic is a foundation of success.
  • You will be responsible for
    • Smooth-running clinic operations, making sure clinic staff and operations follow our standards
    • Making sure that each clinic is delivering top-tier customer satisfaction
    • Dealing with day-to-day questions from the staff / troubleshooting and problem solving with the staff
    • Clinic staff shift scheduling and monitoring against budget
    • Ordering and managing medical and office supply inventory within budgeted levels
    • Recruiting, screening, training, and managing medical assistants that staff your clinics
  • Availability: The clinics are open 7 days a week, so you will get calls on weekends. The clinics are open 12 hours a day M to F, 10h on Sat, and 5h on Sunday, so you will get calls at many hours during the day
  • Travel: You need to spend the majority of your work time in the clinics, so you must be prepared to travel to one or more clinics each day. You will also be expected to occasionally travel to Birmingham or other areas for additional training and/or meetings.


  • We are a fast growing, fun company with lots of opportunity to improve, grow, and excel.
  • With that opportunity comes the need for everyone to put on any hat at any time – whether it be a tedious task or learning a new skill.

What About You?

  • You need to be the BOMB!
  • You need to be hard working, driven, and completely tireless.
  • You need to be resourceful. You have never seen an obstacle you could not get over or a problem you could not solve. You get things done. Period.
  • You need to be ultra-organized.
  • You need to be good with extensive day travel as our locations are all over the state and you have to have boots on the ground and be present in the clinics frequently.
  • You need to have ironclad values.
  • We are open 7 days a week, which means that as a manager you are on call during weekends.

More About You:

1. You are the BOMB!
Just making sure you got that :)

2. Time Management
You must be able to manage your time wisely and be willing to put in as many hours per week as needed. This is not a job for someone who simply wants to punch a time clock and earn a paycheck. It is a job for someone who wants to own their position and grow themselves and the business.

3. Self-Starter
If you need someone continually telling you what to do, this position isn’t for you.
If, after completing training and reviewing a plan, you’re the type of person who can run with it and find new and even better ways of doing things on your own, you’ll thrive.

4. Organized
If you’re not organized, this position isn’t for you.
If you enjoy having many irons in the fire at one time and thrive on managing them and your time effectively, you’ll do well!

5. Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit
If you’re looking to just earn a paycheck, this job isn’t for you.
If you’re ready to take ownership of the company and have a burning desire to grow the business and put in the hours it takes to successfully build a business, you’ll thrive. This often means working on things at home, working evenings and Saturdays, and working more than a traditional “40 hours per week”.

6. Relationship Building
If you’re shy and/or don’t love people, this job isn’t for you.
If you enjoy turning strangers into friends, growing and fostering relationships, and being involved in your community, you’ll excel.

7. Iron Clad Ethics
If you don’t have a do the right thing, every time, all the time, approach, our company is not for you.

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