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Clinic Manager Accelerated Development Program
Title:Clinic Manager Accelerated Development Program

Clinic Manager Accelerated Development Program

Are you looking to turn your career into a Rocketship?   Boom!

MainStreet Family Care is looking for eager graduates and early-career professionals ready to embark on their leadership journey as part of our Manager Acceleration Program (MAP).  We will give you the tools and intense development experiences necessary to prepare you to manage multiple urgent care clinics. The foundation is a structured 18-week leadership development program in Birmingham AL followed by 2.5-years of hands-on management and leadership experience in healthcare operations.

MainStreet Family Care is planning to double in size from our current footprint of 20+ clinics to 50 clinics by 2023 and eventually over 100 clinics across 7 states.  We help customers heal and feel better. Fast. 

Given that MASSIVE regional expansion is well underway we need to create a strong pipeline of Clinic Managers who can successfully operate multiple urgent care clinics.  That can be you.

Our rapid growth presents significant opportunity to accelerate your own career and capabilities. The program aims for you to successfully operate multiple urgent care clinics well before the end of the first year.

Your Opportunity:

  • After 3 years in the program, you will be highly marketable on the job market with significant hands-on operations and leadership experience.   We would love for you to stay, but we understand if you leave.
  • Great earning potential ($40,000 base with significant earning potential once managing clinics),
  • Company contribution for healthcare benefits, 4% matching 401K, and voluntary benefits.
  • Up to $25,000 student loan support and/or tuition reimbursement,
  • $5,000 relocation and travel stipend,
  • Paid corporate housing during the program,
  • 7-day leadership experience with our CEO backpacking in the Canyons of Arizona (Tuition, travel expenses, meals, and gear allowance provided by MainStreet Family Care).
  • If you are really good at your job; promotion to a Regional Manager is realistic.

Only the best apply. Hard work, focus, and hyper-flexibility required.

Our first class started in May 2021 and they are AWESOME.   They will be managing multiple urgent care clinics in Q4 2021.  BOOM!

Program Details:

You will begin with a 7-day outdoor leadership experience backpacking through the winter desert of Arizona with our CEO as part of the National Outdoor Leadership School.

This is critical to gaining comfort in highly ambiguous and complex situations valuing the importance of feedback and teamwork.   The class of 10 participants will have a chance to get to know each other, develop self-confidence while completing a structured leadership development curriculum, and will be joined by our CEO Sam Eskildsen.

Next, you will spend 4-months in a series of clinic and management job rotations, workshops, and special projects – all emphasizing experiential learning and feedback – and designed to accelerate your own development and build valuable relationships across the company.  You will have access to an Industrial Psychologist, clinic and operational leaders, trainers, and consultants – all focused on your growth.

We will target three areas for your development as we prepare you for future success:

  1. Know Yourself – you will learn about yourself, build self-confidence, and self leadership.
  2. Know Your Stuff – you will master everything about how to successfully run a clinic.
  3. Know Others – you will learn what it takes to be a manager and leader.

The initial 7-Day NOLS course is in the canyons of the Arizona desert.  It will be winter

18-week development program is based out of Birmingham, AL and we will provide housing during this period. After the initial 18 weeks, we will customize the remaining time to each participant and calibrate with regional clinic leadership needs.

You can learn more about the accelerated development program here (

Key Dates

  • Virtual program kicks-off (December 13, 2021),
  • Travel to Arizona on January 4, 2022 to complete the 7-day NOLS backpacking course,
  • Travel home on January 12, 2022.
  • Move to temporary corporate housing in Birmingham Alabama by January 16 2022.
  • Continue leadership development activities starting January 17, 2022,
  • Graduation and clinic assignments on May 2, 2022.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent, in Healthcare Administration, Business, Management, Finance, or Life Sciences.
  • At least one year experience managing others in a supervisory role. 
  • At least one year experience in patient-facing or customer-facing roles. 

Program Timeline and Commitment

This is a 3-year commitment ot MainStreet Family Care

During the three years we will heavily invest in your current and future success.   The first year will be focused on building the foundation for the leader you can become.  In the next two years you will manage additional clinics and mature along your leadership journey.  At the end of the three years, we will work with you to evaluate where you are and where you want to be.  Do you want to continue and advance at MainStreet?  Great!   Or do you have eyes set for something else?  If so, we will help you leverage being a graduate of the program to secure the right opportunity for you.  You will be highly marketable having significant experience in healthcare operations at an early point in your career. 

You should anticipate being assigned a clinic shortly after graduation and moving to a location near that clinic. This could be in any area of the rural southeast region of the US. Other states are under consideration a well.

To participate in the MainStreet program, you must be readily available from December 13, 2021 to May 2, 2022. Our clinics are open extended hours, 7 days a week so your availability during those hours is a must. During your training, you will travel to several areas, complete multiple tasks and prepare to manage your clinics. The first step to success is showing up.

You must participate and successfully complete the seven-day NOLS portion of the program to continue in the program.

Vaccination: All candidates must receive the COVID-19 vaccination in order participate in the program. This is a condition of employment.   You will need to make arrangements to visit one of our clinics (or otherwise obtain a vaccination).

Application Process and Timeline

Applications are due by December 1, 2021

Selected applicants will receive an email directing them to complete an online assessment battery.

Candidate evaluation and initial screening will take place throughout October and November via video interviews.

Your Leadership Role as a Clinic Manager

During your three-year program participation, you can be assigned anywhere from 1 to 5 to manage . The clinics you are assigned to can be anywhere in our footprint, and you may need to move locations more than once during the program as your assigned clinics can change.

Once you’ve been assigned a clinic, you will be responsible for:

  • Smooth-running clinic operations: ensure clinic staff and operations follow our standards
  • Making sure that each clinic is delivering top-tier customer satisfaction and leading teams to reach these goals if underperforming
  • Dealing with day-to-day questions from the staff / troubleshooting and problem solving with the staff
  • Clinic staff shift scheduling and monitoring against budget
  • Ordering and managing medical and office supply inventory within budgeted levels
  • Recruiting, screening, coaching, and managing the medical assistants that staff your clinics
  • Enforcing company policies and procedures
  • Availability: The clinics are open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day Monday to Friday and 10 hours on Saturdays and Sundays, so you will be expected to be available to take calls during these operating hours. You will need to be prepared and be available as needed during operating clinic hours to promote the success of your clinics. Traveling from clinic to clinic and spending significant time at each clinic will be a foundation for your success and is required. 
  • Travel: You need to spend the majority of your work time in the clinics, so you must be prepared to travel to one or more clinics each day.

What About You?

  • You need to be the BOMB!
  • You need to be hardworking, driven, and completely tireless.
  • You need to be resourceful. You have never seen an obstacle you could not get over or a problem you could not solve. You find a way to get things done. Period.
  • You need to be ultra-organized.
  • You are self-disciplined and accountable. If you are tasked with doing something, you put it on your calendar and remember to do it.
  • You need to be good with extensive day travel as our locations are all over the states we are in and you have to have boots on the ground and be present in the clinics frequently.
  • We are open 7 days a week, which means that, as a manager, you are on call during weekends.

Qualities That Make You AWESOME for this Role:

1. Highly flexible

Life at MainStreet is ever changing! You must be someone who can “roll with the punches” and whose lifestyle allows you to work a somewhat irregular schedule. You not only can handle a fast-paced, regularly changing environment, but you thrive in one.

2. Time Management

You must be able to manage your time wisely and be willing to put in as many hours per week as needed. This is not a job for someone who simply wants to punch a time clock and earn a paycheck. It is a job for someone who wants to own their position and kick butt.

3. Self-Starter

Upon assignment, you will be managing the day-to-day operations of 1-4 clinics. You’ll be given the tools and resources to lead them to success, but it’s your responsibility to use what you’ve been given. If you need someone continually telling you what to do or if the threat of someone checking your work behind you is your motivation to do a good job, this position isn’t for you.

4. Organized

If you’re not organized, this position isn’t for you. If you enjoy having many irons in the fire at once and thrive on managing them and your time effectively, you’ll do well!

5. Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

If you’re ready to take ownership in the company, have a burning desire to grow the business and are willing to put in the hours it takes to successfully grow a clinic, you’ll thrive. This often means working on things at home, working evenings and Saturdays, and working more than a traditional “40 hours per week.”

6. Relationship Building

If you’re shy and/or don’t love people, this job isn’t for you. If you enjoy turning strangers into friends, growing and fostering relationships, inspiring growth in fellow employees, you’ll excel.

7. Problem Solving

If handling day-to- day issues stress you out, this job is not for you. If anticipating and identifying problems and finding solutions are your strengths, you’ll thrive.

8. Iron Clad Ethics

If you don’t have a “do the right thing, every time, all the time” mentality then our company is not for you.

Boom! We can't wait to see you succeed!


This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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